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First Light Theatre’s Introductory, Junior and Senior Training Programmes have been a staple and a trademark of First Light Theatre since 2001.  From ages 8 – 18, kids get to play, create and perform through not only structured rehearsal time but also enjoy specific skill training workshops with professional artist educators in the areas of voice, movement, acting, stage fighting, choreography and mask. Our young actors work over many months to prepare a full length production for 6 final performances complete with set, costume, props, lighting and sound for a full, true theatrical experience!

Check back soon for our fall line-up of 2016 – 17 Training Programmes!

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JUNIOR PRODUCTION 2016   Charlotte’s Web

APRIL 27 – 30

Tickets available now for school groups and public shows.  Click below to find out how to purchase for yourself or for your class!

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New Canadian Kid


What is it like when your whole world is turned upside down and everything is new and strange? A unique theatre experience, New Canadian Kid uses a clever language twist that allows us to truly share Nick’s experiences as an immigrant/newcomer as he makes friends, learns a new language, deals with discrimination, and adapts to change.

by Dennis Foon
FLT is proud to present this play about the experiences of Nick, a boy from “Homeland” who is having trouble adjusting to his new country – Canada.  Written by Canadian playwright Dennis Foon 20 years ago, this play remains one of the most popular and commonly performed shows for young audiences in North America.  Presented by FLT in 2014 for Upper Grand elementary schools, we will be re-mounting New Canadian Kid the last week of April for approximately 1500 elementary school kids in the KW Catholic District School Board.  The show will again be directed by Rosemary Walton, Artistic Director at FLT, and happily, all of our actors from the 2014 production are available and excited to perform in 2016. New Canadian Kid is particularly meaningful and relevant this year in light of arrival of Syrian refugees in Canada this year.  Let’s help our school kids understand the plight of these ‘new Canadian kids’.

Above:  Adam Innis as Nick, Abbey Hunter as Mencha and Sam Pintana as Mog from our 2014 production in Guelph, ON.



Camps available for young people ages 8-17!

CREATIVE DRAMA BLAST!   (ages 6 – 10 and 8 – 13)                                                       First Light Theatre looks forward to once again offering Creative Drama Blast Summer Camp for kids aged 6 – 13 at 3 different locations!  During this week of creative fun, campers will craft original scenes, stories and characters in small groups, pairs and as an ensember, while participating in games and activities that will emphasize voice and movement as well as communication, focus and concentration.  Come and create, play, perform and prepare for a presentation/sharing that will take place the afternoon of the final day of camp.

SUMMER YOUNG COMPANY – Junior (ages 11 – 15) and Senior (ages 13 – 17)           This camp is a unique opportunity to learn, rehearse and perform a complete short play in just 2 weeks and work towards a performance on the final day!  Campers will learn about character building, movement, vocal expression and build acting skills with work in voice and movement.  With simple props and costume pieces, this production camp promises to be an exceptional and exciting way to spend 2 weeks this summer!


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Our Newest Programme

This exciting new after school programme was a great success this past year, running in several selected schools in Guelph and will start back up this fall for the 2016-17 school year.  Through the YOUNG STAGE PLAYERS programme, participants learn, rehearse and perform a complete short play with minimal set, props and costume pieces – for friends, family and their school audience. Students are grouped according to their grade.  Grades 1 – 3, Grades 4 – 6, Grades 7 and 8. 

Check back in August for registration details.